About us

Achmea Pensioenservices (Achmea Pension Services) is an experienced and innovative pension administrator in the Netherlands. We have dozens of years of experience looking after the pensions for our clients. From a transparent pension administration to assisting with policy development, and from actuarial and legal advice to creative communication solutions – for us, our customer’s interest is always paramount.

Our systems are future ready: we can carry out each and every pension scheme and always taking the particular features of your pension fund into account. We never cease to invest in improving our processes and systems. Thanks to our scale size, we are able to work at the lowest possible costs.

We offer maximum transparency in terms of costs, results and risks. This way, you remain in control of the quality of your administration, and are able to account for your business operation to your supervisors and other stakeholders with relative ease.

Our people are highly qualified and professional, and share a passion for serving the customer and performing their job. With us, your pension administration is in safe hands. As the board, you remain in control and can devote your effort and attention to the course of your pension fund.

1997 Insurer Achmea merges with pension and asset management company PVF Nederland (originating from GAK).
2005 Achmea and Interpolis merge.
2008 Syntrus Achmea is established through a merger of five brands: PVF Achmea, Interpolis Pensions, Achmea Property, Interpolis Property and Interpolis Pension Asset Management
2010 Syntrus Achmea sets up a new business unit: Strategic pension management.
2012 The business units for sectoral, company and occupational pension funds are fused together. The new Pension management is organised according to four sectors: Services, Industry, Retail and Corporate (previously OPF).
2015 Syntrus Achmea Pensioenbeheer is established by dividing Syntrus Achmea.
2016 Syntrus Achmea Pensioenbeheer is part of Achmea’s division which combines pension services with individual products.
2018 The pension activities of Achmea focus on service to voluntary sectoral, company and occupational pension funds and the Centraal Beheer algemeen pensioenfonds (generic pension fund) and takes on a new name: Achmea Pensioenservices (Achmea Pension Services).
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