Pension administration

Our customers are company pension funds, occupational pension funds, a general pension fund and non-mandatory sector pension funds. Working together with the customer is central to the services we provide.


SBZ Pensioen about working with Achmea Pension Services:
"In intensive joint sessions, in a short period of time, we were able to come up with a concept proposition for gross and net DC."
Jobert Koomans, director SBZ Pensioen


SBZ Pensioen is the voluntary industry-wide pension fund for organisations in the financial sector. It was founded by the health insurance companies. Employers join the fund on a voluntary basis. Customer retention is therefore important for scale and continuity. And in order to guarantee this, the pension fund wants to grow in the coming years. In order to achieve this growth, the pension fund is being modernised.

In close collaboration, we are working to shape this growth strategy. This includes the desired improvements and innovation, such as a new process of statement processing, invoicing, collective transition to retirement age 68, the addition of gross and net DC schemes and digital customer service with new online portals. The reuse of modules is central to the approach. For example, the DC scheme is designed with modules that are already available and have been previously developed for the Centraal Beheer APF fund.

We take care of all aspects of your pension administration

  • Pension scheme administration
  • Pension administration of employers and participants
  • Invoicing and collection
  • Payouts (disbursement)
  • Financial administration
  • Reports, annual report and other statements

Pension market in motion
The pension market is constantly changing. Achmea Pension Services keeps a close eye on all developments and is closely involved in them so that it is able to determine the impact on the pension administration. As soon as changes are in sight, our experts determine the potential impact and our pension administration is prepared for them.

All schemes are possible
Achmea Pension Services runs all possible types of pension scheme: DB, DC, net pension schemes or a combination thereof. In the market we are seeing more and more a movement towards DC. The fixed contribution and variable payment give participants a greater freedom of choice. This requires careful, individual guidance. At the same time, collective provisions remain important in order to limit the costs and risks. Our administration platform for DC pension schemes meets both these requirements

Digital and up to date
The administration starts with the delivery of data about the participants. This is done digitally, via a portal or via email. For the fund Centraal Beheer Algemeen Pensioenfonds (APF), employers use the 'PensioenOnline' portal. Thanks to a direct link with the payroll administration, one push of the button in this portal is sufficient to produce all of the pension data each month. In addition to administrative convenience for employers, this also means that our administration always works with the most up-to-date data.

View of the financial flows of your fund
As soon as the details of the participant are known, the premium is collected from the employer. For all types of pension funds, we implement the collection policy and manage the financial administration. Payments are calculated and paid out to the pensioners. An overview of these financial flows can be found in reports and in statements.

Appropriate communication with participants and employers
Good communication with participants and employers is one of the most important activities of a pension fund. We support all types of funds in various areas with communications about pensions. We develop and manage the website of your fund, outline an appropriate communication policy and produce resources which specifically suit your participants. In the ‘Uniform Pensioenoverzicht’ (Uniform Pension Statement or UPO), we offer participants an insight into their own pension and by means of our ‘Pensioen 1-2-3’ we provide an explanation of the pension scheme.

Contactable in all possible ways
Our customer team is there to speak to participants and employers in person. This can be done by phone, by chat, by mail or by post. In order to provide participants with uninterrupted insight into their own pensions, we offer pension funds the option of allowing participants to log in via their own portal. For the employers themselves, there is also an option to view changes via the employers' portal.

Grip on the quality of your data
Pension funds and regulators are placing ever higher demands on the quality of the administration. At the same time, the complexity of the data has increased significantly as a result of growth, mergers and legislation and regulations. With our IMPERO service, we provide a grip on the quality of the basic data in your pension administration by offering improved insight, structural assurance and integral control of the data quality.

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