Live your retirement

Retirement is more than a bag of money

Retirement is more than just ‘cold hard cash’. Because what does it actually do to you as your retirement gets closer? Or if it has just started for you? We researched the so-called black hole and offer the online platform 'Leef je Pensioen’ (Live your Retirement), a what is now well-proven concept and a unique source of information in which we bring together technology, emotion and pension administration.

The warm side of retirement
Of course, our main task is to organise the financial side of retirement as best as possible. But we also realise that retirement is not (only) about that. The essence of retirement is that you start a new phase in your life. Perhaps you are full of plans or you are you looking to be inspired. Leef je Pensioen helps people to discover, fill, develop and maintain the so-called 'warm' side of retirement.

Understanding participants better
‘Leef je Pensioen’ is a social initiative without a business purpose. It is about emotion and the person behind the participant. For the participant it means recognition, a common denominator, inspiration and advice. For us, it means a step closer to understanding the participant. This will ultimately enable us to bring about a better awareness of the 'cold' side of retirement, the figures and the legislation and regulations. And that, in turn, contributes to an objective of the pension sector as a whole.

‘Leef je Pensioen’ from a variety of perspectives
With ‘Leef je Pensioen’, we approach the participant from a variety of perspectives for various reasons. With the blogs and Facebook we mainly want to attract new audiences. With interviews, stories and the newsletter we want to engage our audience. And with the online magazine and videos we want to deepen the subject. For the future, we are looking at the possibilities for ‘Leef je Pensioen’ offline. Think of events whereby the online community becomes a live community. But we want more.

Honourable mention at PRM for ‘Leef je Pensioen’
During the PBM Communication Price awards 2018, ‘Leef je Pensioen’ received an honourable mention from the jury.

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