Pension communication

Most people find pensions complicated and uninteresting. There is therefore no point in more communication about pensions. But communicating differently does have a point: tailored as much as possible to the personal situation of each individual participant.

Hand in hand with the digital age
Personal communication becomes possible by applying the latest technologies. We like to make use of all the options that our time has to offer and have done so with great success. How? Our client Centraal Beheer APF explains:

Centraal Beheer APF about pension communication with Achmea Pension Services::
Centraal Beheer APF is an independent general pension fund with its own management. In 2016, Centraal Beheer APF received the license from DNB and the first customers were welcomed. Centraal Beheer APF is the first pension fund to make use of the digital client service we developed with new online portals. An online view of all pension income, expenditures and potential shortages and a chat function are part of this environment and the customer contact. Artificial intelligence is used with integration between digital and personal communication..

In 2018, Centraal Beheer APF received an honourable mention from Pensioen Pro for its online environment and manner of communicating and, in 2017, it won the Pensioen, Bestuur & Management (PBM) communication award. It won, in particular, because of the personalised approach and the application of new technology. Part of this approach is the pilot with a self-learning robot that chats with participants. With this, Centraal Beheer APF is taking the next step in the development of communication with participants. According to the PBM jury, "this not only leads to more effectiveness in reaching participants, it also contributes to promoting innovation within the pension sector. That is an important building block in restoring the position of trust".

Your participant is truly our focus
And that is necessary, because pensions in the Netherlands are changing. The government is slowly withdrawing and pension schemes are becoming more modest. Participants are increasingly shouldering responsibility for the income they can expect later in life. Understanding what a pension entails is therefore becoming more and more important.

What is important now?
Our principle: only tell your participant what is relevant at the moment and give him or her the choice(s) that there are now. Step by step with personal and targeted information using simple language. This is how you help your participant to get a grip on his or her pension.

We are pleased to help you

  • We advise you about your communication strategy and, together, set concrete goals.
  • We take care of the complete implementation of your communication, both online and offline. Furthermore, we are continually working to inform you and your participants even more quickly and more personally. More and more, we are doing this digitally. For example, our online dashboard gives you real-time insight into the behaviour and interests of your participants on your website.
  • At your request, we test your means of communication, fund image and pension awareness.
  • We integrate the colour and language of your pension fund into your communication.
  • We ensure that all participant communication complies with the latest legislation and regulations and with the specific characteristics of your pension scheme. We write the information personally and specifically using simple language.
  • We work for you in multidisciplinary client teams under the central direction of your account manager. These teams bring together all the colleagues involved in providing services to your fund. They share their expertise and knowledge with each other.
  • We are actively involved in national overarching committees. As a result, we can always provide you with immediate information about current pension developments.

Would you like to know more about our approach to pension communication?
You can contact Gijs Berndsen, Pension Communication manager by telephone on 06 53 33 50 59 or email.

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